The Lazarus Conspiracies

Writer: Richard Rose

A maverick Chicago cop uncovers uncovers conspiracies that people with immense power will stop and nothing, not even murder, to keep secret. Set up as the killer of his only witness, he must find a way to clear himself and expose the conspiracies, which has a stunning impact on the course of history.

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Double Fault

Co-writers: Richard Rose, Ted Steeg, Charles Rose


A detective tries to save a young, lady tennis star, who is being stalked by a killer, as she battles to win the U. S. Open. The climax comes with a tie-breaker on center court and a showdown between the detective and the killer, winner take all.

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Comic Crusaders

Writer: Richard Rose, Charles Rose

Teenage cartoonists, Charles and Richard Rose, drew comic strips for their grade school and high school fans in Kokomo, Indiana. This became the genesis of their collaboration on the screenplay, Comic Crusaders

In this adventure fantasy, a teenage cartoonist brings his superhero to life with a magic pen to help him with his problems. However, when the pen unleashes a host of his super villains, he has to find a way to prevent them from taking over the world. The screenplay uses a blend of live action and computer graphic imaging.

The screenplay has just been released in book form by Aignos Publishing, an imprint of Savant Books and Publications. It is an exciting new genre, a novel/screenplay, being pioneered by Aignos/Savant!

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Brothers Charles (left) and Richard Rose in their teenage years in Kokomo, Indiana

Titanic II

Writer: Richard Rose, Charles Rose

A modern Titanic on its maiden voyage is threatened by a malignant power that doomed the original Titanic. It’s up to a psychotherapist, John Thayer, and a lady medium to try to exorcise the power before the ship keeps a cataclysmic rendezvous with oblivion.  

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Co-writers: Richard Rose, Charles Rose and Bill Shirk

Escape artist, Billy Darko, uses his skills to take on a depraved small-town honcho, a sheriff and his deputies who hunt down convicts for sport. No easy task, especially when the honcho’s mistress falls for Darko and becomes the bait to lure the elusive escape artist into a death trap.

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Co-writers: Richard Rose and Roger Barski

A maverick Chicago police detective and disgraced CIA agent tangle with a dangerous militia controlled by a mysterious international cabal called “Blackjack’’.  Time is running out when they try to prevent the bad guys from using hand-held missiles to blow the President’s helicopter out of the sky

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